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Major California State Crimes

Each State in the United States has the exclusive power - or jurisdiction - to define and punish crimes.  Therefore, the largest number of crimes that are prosecuted in the United States are State crimes.

The State of California has some of the most severe sentences in the country, including the Three Strikes Law.

California major crimes include:

Homicide - Penal Code sections 187 and 189 (First and Second Degree murder), and Penal Code section 192(a) voluntary manslaughter, 192(b) involuntary manslaughter, and 192(c) vehicular manslaughter.

Assault - Penal Code Section 245(a)(1) - With a deadly weapon other than a firearm. Section 245(a)(2) With a firearm.  Section 245(a)(3) - With a machine gun.  Section 245(a)(4) - Any means likely to produce great bodily injury.

Sex Crimes - There is a multitude of sex crimes involving violence, minors, spouses, prostitution, and other types of criminal conduct. Some of the most prominent sections are: Penal Code Section 261 - Rape; Section 261.5 - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with A Minor; Section 262 - Rape of a Spouse; Section 266 and 266a through 266k, 267, 269 - Prostitution involving minors; Section 285 - Incest; Section 286 - Sodomy; Section 287 - Oral copulation with minors or against the will of another; Section 288(a) - Lewd or lascivious act on a child under age 14; Section 288(b) Lewd or lascivious act by use of force, violence, threats, or fear; Section 289 - Sexual penetration by force or fear.

Kidnapping -  Penal Code Section 207; Section 209 - kidnapping for ransom, extortion, to commit robbery or rape.

Domestic Violence - Penal Code 273.5 - injury to a spouse; Section 273a - Child endangerment.

Firearm Offenses - 

Theft and Fraud

Drug Trafficking Offenses


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